2013 NCA PAD Panels & Programs

DC Convention

Friday, November 22, 2:00 pm; Thurgood Marshall Ballroom North; Marriott Wardman Park

Read Proposed Bylaw Revisions here. Business Meeting agenda–click here.

  • Thursday, 11/21

Political Argument as Public Address: Historical, Contemporary, and Mediated

Engaging a Productive Critic: A Tribute to the Work of Robert L. Ivie Part I

The Rhetorical Legacy of President Ronald Reagan

Engaging a Productive Critic: A Tribute to the Work of Robert L. Ivie Part II

Presidential Discourses of War, Crisis, and Deliberation

Blackness and Whiteness in the U.S. Imaginary

Inscribing or Resisting U.S. Foreign Policy: Historical Connections

Public Address and the Press: Journalistic Rhetoric, Image, and Emotion

  • Friday 11/22

An Emerging Perspective in Health Communication: Rhetorical Studies of Health, Science, and Medicine

Grappling with the American Civil War: How Public Figures Shape Public Memories

Race to the Topoi: Deliberative Episodes in Education Policy

The Consummate Bricoleur: Celebrating the Scholarship, Leadership, and Mentorship of Martha Solomon Watson

Exploring the Return of Rhetorical Histories

Abraham Lincoln’s Hollywood Rebirth of Freedom: A Roundtable

Expanding Understandings of Pathos in Public Address: Affect, Passion, Feelings, Drives

Top Papers in Public Address

  • Saturday, 11/23

Selling History, Flight, and Technology: Public Address and Imagination

Education, Inquiry, and Public Address

Urban Spaces and Public Oratory

How to Write, Edit and Publish Books in Rhetoric and Public Address

Honoring James Arnt Aune’s Contributions to Public Address Scholarship

Bodies in Conflict and Protest

First Lady Ethos and Rhetorical Effect

President Barack Obama’s Rhetorical Ingenuity

  • Sunday, 11/24

Engaging Law and Policy through Public Address

Constituting Citizenship and Appealing to Citizens

International Public Address

2013 PAD Award Winners

2013 PAD Award winners are:

Wrage-Baskerville Award

Tiffany LewisTiffany Lewis, (left) Baruch College, for “Earning Rights and Enacting Freedom: Washington Woman Suffragists’ Appropriation of Mountaineering and Wilderness Discourses”

Gunderson Award

Allison PraschAllison M. Prasch, (right) University of Minnesota, for “Reagan at Pointe du Hoc: Deictic Epideictic and the Persuasive Power of ‘Bringing Before the Eyes’”

Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award

Dave TellDave Tell, (left) University of Kansas, for Confessional Crises and Cultural Politics in Twentieth-Century America (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012).

Benson-Campbell Award

Kelly JakesKelly Jakes, (right) University of Wisconsin

PAD Ballot for 2013

DC Convention

The PAD Nominating Committee has announced the ballot for 2013

Vice Chair-Elect

  • Thomas Dunn
  •  Lisa Keranen

Nominating Committee (five will be elected, and the top vote getter becomes the chair)

  • Paul Achter
  • Bernard Armada
  • Timothy Barney
  • Jennifer Borda
  • Donothan Brown
  • Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury
  • Katie Langford
  • Pamela Pietrucci
  • Ryan M. Neville Shephard
  • Bjorn Stillion Southard

Nichols Award Committee (top two vote getters are elected)

  • Jiyeon Kang
  • John Lynch
  • Kathleen Lamp
  • Joseph Valenzano III

Benson Campbell Dissertation Award Committee

  • Johanna Hartelius
  • Belinda A. Stillion Southard

NCA Nominating Committee

  • Thomas Dunn
  • Leslie Harris