2013 PAD Award Winners

2013 PAD Award winners are:

Wrage-Baskerville Award

Tiffany LewisTiffany Lewis, (left) Baruch College, for “Earning Rights and Enacting Freedom: Washington Woman Suffragists’ Appropriation of Mountaineering and Wilderness Discourses”

Gunderson Award

Allison PraschAllison M. Prasch, (right) University of Minnesota, for “Reagan at Pointe du Hoc: Deictic Epideictic and the Persuasive Power of ‘Bringing Before the Eyes’”

Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award

Dave TellDave Tell, (left) University of Kansas, for Confessional Crises and Cultural Politics in Twentieth-Century America (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012).

Benson-Campbell Award

Kelly JakesKelly Jakes, (right) University of Wisconsin

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