PAD Ballot for 2013

DC Convention

The PAD Nominating Committee has announced the ballot for 2013

Vice Chair-Elect

  • Thomas Dunn
  •  Lisa Keranen

Nominating Committee (five will be elected, and the top vote getter becomes the chair)

  • Paul Achter
  • Bernard Armada
  • Timothy Barney
  • Jennifer Borda
  • Donothan Brown
  • Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury
  • Katie Langford
  • Pamela Pietrucci
  • Ryan M. Neville Shephard
  • Bjorn Stillion Southard

Nichols Award Committee (top two vote getters are elected)

  • Jiyeon Kang
  • John Lynch
  • Kathleen Lamp
  • Joseph Valenzano III

Benson Campbell Dissertation Award Committee

  • Johanna Hartelius
  • Belinda A. Stillion Southard

NCA Nominating Committee

  • Thomas Dunn
  • Leslie Harris

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