PAD Election Ballot, 2014

2014 Convention Webpage Banner

The PAD Nominating Committee has announced the ballot for 2014

Vice Chair-Elect

  • Jay Childers
  • Jennifer Mercieca

Nominating Committee (five will be elected, and the top vote getter becomes the chair)

  • Nathan Atkinson
  • Kundai Chirindo
  • Lisa Corrigan
  • E. Johanna Hartelius
  • Tracey Quigley Holden
  • Brandon Inabinet
  • Alyssa Samek
  • Don Waisanen
  • Carly Woods
  • Michelle Murray Yang

Nichols Award Committee (top two vote getters are elected)

  • Tasha Dubriwny
  • Jason Edwards
  • Danielle Endres
  • Brad Vivian

Benson Campbell Dissertation Award Committee

  • Jason Edward Black
  • Charles E. Morris III

NCA Nominating Committee

  • Nathan Crick
  • Greg Dickinson

Winans-Wichelns Award Committee

  • Robin E. Jensen
  • Thomas Lessl

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