PAD Announces 2015 Award Winners

2015 PAD Award Winners are:

W-B Winner 2015Wrage-Baskerville Award (top contributed paper)
Maegan Parker Brooks
, Willamette University, “Embracing the Interruptive Voice: Rhetoric, Race, and Public School Deliberation.”

Robert Gunderson Award (top contributed student paper)
RG Winner 2015Paul McKean
, University of Illinois, “Constituting an Economy of Heroes: The Rehabilitation of an Economic Idiom in Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Economic Recovery Campaign.”

Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award

MHN Winner 2015Shawn J. Parry-Giles, University of Maryland, for Hillary Clinton in the News: Gender and Authenticity in American Politics (University of Illinois Press).

B-C Winner 2015Benson-Campbell Dissertation Research Award

Michael J. Steudeman, University of Maryland



Top Paper Panelists 2015

Top Paper Panelists, with Vice-Chair Lisa Keränen

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