PAD Announces 2019 Nichols Award Winners

Congratulations to our two recipients of the 2019 Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award!

Celeste Condit and Belinda Stillion Southard, both of the University of Georgia, were selected as recipients of this year’s Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award for outstanding published scholarship in public address. Condit’s Angry Public Rhetorics: Global Relations and Emotion in the Wake of 9/11 (Michigan State UP) and Stillion Southard’s How to Belong: Women’s Agency in a Transnational World

(Penn State UP) both exemplify the spirit of the award. The criteria to be used in selecting the recipients include (1) the importance of the work in extending or altering our understanding of public address and/or rhetorical practice; (2) originality; (3) quality of research; (4) intellectual creativity; and (5) quality of writing.

The committee members, Rob Asen, Allison Prasch, and I found Angry Public Rhetorics to be an incredibly timely book. With a striking assessment of various “cues for anger,” the book advances interdisciplinary and rhetorical theory on affect and emotion. How to Belong, a model of elegance and care, offers a new framework for theorizing citizenship on a transnational level.

Marie Hochmuth Nichols was the 55th President of the Speech Association of America (now the National Communication Association) in 1969 and the editor of the  from 1962-1965. A recipient of the Speech Communication Association’s Distinguished Service Award, she advanced rhetorical theory and criticism while also introducing the field to Kenneth Burke and I.A. Richards.